Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Miami's Inner City Organic Garden: Wave of the Future?

Simply amazing!  Those were the first words that came to mind as we read The Miami Herald this morning.  The first sentence in the article read, "In Overtown, an organic garden has sprouted where blight once flourished -- bringing with it a blossoming harvest and much-needed jobs."   Could this be the way to clean up and improve the inner cities of America?  The organic farm located directly in the middle of a rough part of town provides jobs, healthy food and a sense of pride in the community.  Just imagine what might be possible if this starts to spread across all major cities.  No longer would the cheapest food available be the unhealthiest and impoverished communities would have access to fresh fruit and vegetables.  All this would be grown steps from their homes.  WE LOVE IT!

Organic Farm Video


  1. A great job by the organic farm ! This step will definitely make the environment pollution-free and healthy.