Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Green Interior Design: RICE design

The best part about being a part of the Revolution Greens team is getting to meet people who are just as passionate about being healthy and environmentally friendly as we are. Today we are inducting a new Revolutionary to the army. Her name is Amanda Rice. Amanda is the founder of RICE design. RICE design is more than an interior design firm. It is a team of talented professionals that have a solution for all things creative and green. They create one of a kind sustainable interiors people can live, work, and play in comfortably with style. Which is something we could use some help with!

Amanda strongly believes that our visual surroundings impact our mental heath & quality of life more than all the other senses combined. She has preached to us, "not to ignore the importance of our visual environment living around us!" Amanda's strongest suggestion for us is to "Use space and design to impact the architecture of your life...make a statement and create a lasting impression." With advice like that we begged her for an interview. She agreed. For you reading pleasure the interview is below. Make sure to check out her Website here.......... RICEdesignINC.com

Why did you choose to have a green business?
I decided to actively go green in my business to show people that opting for sustainable and green options doesn’t mean sacrificing the latest style, design, or comfort! I love educating my clients on how their choices & the materials they select not only make there business or homes beautiful, but keep those spaces and the planet healthy!

How do you run your green business?
I try to select and buy from local companies that use sustainable resources and clean manufacturing processes. Lines that care not only about the products they create, but the footprint the process leaves on the environment. Recycling and reusing or donating old furniture and fixtures helps others in the community and can even save my client’s money. Instead of paying to have that old carpet removed and hauled away, recycle it, and use the money for a special accessory or piece of art otherwise not in the budget. One of the easiest things you can do to go green in your next design or remodel project, is choosing a non-toxic paint to protect your health and the environment. Traditional paint has toxic cancer-causing carcinogens that can be released into the air of your home for many years, even after that perfect color has dried on your accent wall.

Are you green in your home life?
I embraced turning my home into an all natural space several years ago and continue to improve and purify the most important environment in my life. Using recycled products, only all natural or plant based cleaners, and making an effort to be energy efficient are at the heart of greening my home.

What do you do to try and keep yourself healthy?
It’s simple-I read the ingredients of what’s in the food and beauty products I’m putting in or on my body!! Deciding what dog food to buy for my new puppy almost six years ago, lead to research of “what’s really in this” that opened my eyes to a scary truth for both pets and people. You probably would be surprised to know what’s actually in your food, lotions, or the make up lines you use day after day. I also try to eat pure and all natural organic foods that aren’t made with chemicals or engineered ingredients. Even if it is cookies or my favorite, popcorn, the food just taste better and is better for you!

Welcome to the crew Amanda! RICEdesignINC.com

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