Monday, June 21, 2010

The 37 Ingredients In A Twinkie

Hello Revolutionaries. Check out this cool project we found with our friends at Good Magazine.  A popular rule of thumb among fans of healthy food is that the fewer ingredients there are in something, better it is for you. With a remarkable 37 or so ingredients, many of which are polysyllabic chemical compounds, Twinkies would seem to embody the antithesis of that rule.
The photographer Dwight Eschliman was never a health nut himself, but he was raised by one; his mom kept her kids away from meat, dairy, or any kind of processed food. When Eschilman went away to college, he loosened up a bit, allowing himself to indulge in all sorts of previously forbidden treats, but by the time he had kids of his own, he found a renewed appreciation for simple, healthy food—and a renewed skepticism of chemical-filled, preservative-laden snacks. He'd also developed a love of disassembling ojects and photographing their component parts.
"Thus, this project," he writes in his photography book 37 or so Ingredients. "It's the product of a kid that was raised to be suspicious of foods that weren't assembled in mom's kitchen, and bordering on obsessive compulsive."
What follows is a selection from Dwight Eschliman's 37 or so Ingredients. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oil Spill Means No Shrimp For You

Looks like alot of people will be out of work on the Gulf Coast. What would Bubba Gump Shrimp do? Unbelievable how this could happen in our own backyard!