Sunday, January 31, 2010

Revolution Greens Runs The ING Miami Half Marathon

Yes sir!  We did it.   We trained and completed the ING Half Marathon.  It was a tremendous experience and we definitely have the itch to do more of them.  It is now officially race season.  If you are interested in running and its your first time check out the training program below.  Also take a look at the beautiful course in a video from the ING MIAMI site.

Training Program..Click Here

Monday, January 25, 2010

If You Eat Bad Food You Will Feel Bad

Good Day Revolutionaries!  We found a great article that is simple and to the point.  If you eat bad food your body will react badly.


In the ever-growing list of reasons to avoid processed food—a list that includes obesity, ADHD, heart disease, diabetes, and so on—you can now add depression. In a new study of women aged 20–93, those with mood disorders including depression and anxiety were significantly more likely to eat diets full of high-fat, highly processed crap.

So bad food makes us feel bad—this is not such a stretch for the more holistically minded among us. Of course studies that silo information aren't always the best way to get a full picture of a problem. Does the food make us feel bad? Or do we eat bad food because we already feel bad? Or are we eating bad food because we can only afford bad food, and that makes us feel bad? Then there's the fact that mood disorders are often the result of self-reported feelings and experiences, and how a person assesses their own mental health and happiness is greatly influenced by cultural norms and countless other factors.

And yet, I'm sure there's something to this (and other studies have shown as much).

What's your take?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Stay Away From Throwback Sodas Too

Good Day Revolutionaries.  We were in the store recently and noticed some "throwback" soda products.  Our friends at treehugger did as well.  Check it out.

Rule #4 of Michael Pollan's new bestseller Food Rules is Avoid food products that contain high-fructose corn syrup. But he notes-
Don't fall for the food industry's latest scam: products reformulated to contain "no HFCS" or "real cane sugar." These claims imply that these foods are somehow healthier, but they're not. Sugar is sugar.

Others think HFCS is worse than sugar, and have linked it to diabetes andhypertension, but let's assume Michael is right and that sugar is sugar. The new Pepsi and Mountain Dew have about 41 grams of the stuff in each can. I got out my trusty old scale and measured that out.
pepsi throwback sugar scale
The paper is to increase the contrast; I put one on each side for balance. I converted the grams to ounces (it is an old scale) and spooned it out. Eight teaspoons worth. You would throw up if you put that much into your coffee, but happily down eight teaspoons of it in a can?
Pepsi is touting the stuff with ads that say "Pepsi Throwback gives shoppers another opportunity to chose natural sweeteners instead of manufactured ones."
Really, as Rosie Mestel points out in the LA Times health blog, so many products are touting the fact that they are made with cane or beet sugar that you might think it was a health food.
And why are companies doing it? There used to be a big difference in price, but according to AG weekly, that gap has narrowed in recent years, he said. And at one point in the past year, the price advantage all but disappeared. So they might as well all look suddenly "natural."
Twenty-five percent of American children are overweight and 11% are obese. Children who drink pop eat more than those who don't, and are fatter; some think it screws up insulin levels and makes them hungrier. It soften and rots teeth. The caffeine is a diuretic and increases bone loss. As one writer put it, "The consumption of soda is leading our children to an early grave."
So don't think that the Throwback is any healthier just because it's "natural"- It isn't.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Revolution Greens Popping Up All Over The Planet

The Revolution Greens Army is growing.  Revolutionaries all over the globe are putting up our stickers and spreading the word.  A note, we don't condone the stickering of public property around the world, but we do think its pretty cool.  Put then on your computers, guitars windows! If you want some stickers of your own click the link below!




Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Iron Chef Goes Organic At The White House

Happy New Year Revolutionaries.  We have made it to the new decade.  Hopefully we have all made our New Year's resolutions to be healthier this year.  If you did we will be happy to help in anyway.  We thought it would be nice to start off with a fun post.  This info comes from our firends at

Last night on Iron Chef America, the greatest reality food show in history (after Top Chef, of course), they took us to the White House to meet Michelle Obama. There, chefs Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay and private chef to the president Cristeta Comerford were presented with the secret ingredient, around which they'd have to plan five courses—only instead of one ingredient, they had a whole garden to work with. An organic garden, no less.

I've rarely seen a media blitz like the one the Food Network did for this special episode. There were bus ads, and billboards, and countless TV spots, all for a "White House" episode that had all of five minutes with the First Lady. No matter—it's actually really great that this episode was hyped up: For once, the ingredients were all sustainably harvested, the produce was organic, and the meat was local and humanely raised. And best of all, the dishes were fun, inventive, and looked utterly delicious.

As a Food Network devotee, and someone who takes the purveyance of my food rather seriously, it always bothers me how reticent they've been to acknowledge the changes that have gone on in the food world over the past half-decade. At a time when obesity is through the roof and unsustainable farming is ruining land and water, it's always struck me as a little irresponsible—and out of synch with the times—that they never touch on this stuff. It's not like the chefs the network hosts don't value local and organic—I'd be shocked if most of them didn't use such ingredients almost exclusively, if for no other reason than the fact that they taste better than conventionally grown food. Batali does; he even told us as much.

At the same time, the network is unabashedly, and admirably, populist. This isn't a foodie network, or a station for rich gourmands: It's for people who love food, are on a budget, don't have a ton of time to make dinner, but like play around in the kitchen.

Which brings us back to the Obamas's garden. The whole point of that garden was to say to America that eating healthfully and organically should not be prohibitive and elitist. So while I'm quick to admit that seeing superstar chefs cook organic is not exactly the kind of instructive example we need to push more people to eat organic or local, it was pretty great to see a ratings sucker like 
Iron Chef take that on—whether they did the show because they wanted Obama-inspired ratings (likely), or because they wanted to make a point about smarter farming (less likely). Either way, it's a move worth applauding.