Friday, September 18, 2009

Scary Fast Food Restaurant News

In today's USA TODAY, there is an article detailing how the major fast food restaurants in the country are ramping up their campaigns on Premium Burgers. These burgers are bigger and the most expensive on the menu. The price comes in around$3.99 each. Even with the price hike people are gobbling up these burgers at a rapid pace. This is because they are seen as a good value by the customer. The Revolution Greens army needs your help in spreading the word on how these food items can impact your health negatively. Here is some basic information:

The McDonald's Angus Bacon & Cheese Burger has about 790 calories with 145 mg of cholesterol and 2,070 mg of sodium. That's almost as much sodium as the 2,400 mg limit that the federal government advises for a whole day of eating.

The Steakhouse XT Burger from Burger King weighs in at 970 calories, 135 mg of cholesterol and 1,930 mg of sodium.

"You should see flashing warning lights before you order this," warns Jo Ann Hattner, a nutritionist at Stanford University. "If you do order it, share it."

Share this info with you family's and friends. We know we all get loose at times and indulge in things that can effect our health adversely. We even have fun doing it in some cases. However, in this case, kids will be able to get these into their systems without proper knowledge and think they are doing something good for themselves. Spread the word and lets get healthy!

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