Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our First Restaurant Review: The Merry Piglets

Part of the Revolution Greens crew is on a road trip. We have left our Headquarters in beautiful downtown Miami, FL and journeyed out to the Wild West. We are out in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A beautiful spot for you nature lovers out there. While in town looking for a spot to eat we came across this funky looking place called- The Merry Piglets. We walked in and were blown away. Its a fun spot with great food, but most importantly they serve eco-friendly food. Here are some of their House Rules-

-Everything is cooked to order(prevents waste)
-All of our meats & chicken are pasture raised, never given
antibiotics & have no added growth hormones
-All of our fish is wild!
-We cook with 100% non-hydrogenated oils,
recognized as the healthiest available

Not only do they serve food that is good for you, but they are also committed to protecting the environment. How you might ask? Well in the little boys room they are using sloan waterfree urinals. That saves 40,000 gallons of fresh water per year! Not sure about the young ladies room. We stayed out of there! Way to go Merry Piglets cant wait to come back.

Click on their website to see the rest of their house rules here-

Now that we got our first restaurant review under our belt we think we might do some more of these!

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