Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Green Roof Provides Food for Restaurant

The sinuous project, located on top of The Flat, a new downtown residential building, is made of a folding and torqued galvanized sheet metal surface, prefabricated off site. This forms a series of platforms or “grow channels” filled with engineered soil that’s light enough not to weigh the project down. The tiered structure, supported by an armature of steel tubes and a plywood substructure, wraps around the building’s existing mechanical rooftop equipment, offering maximum solar exposure, maximum growing room, and efficient irrigation.
But this is LA, with lots of sun year round, so you don't just plant it and forget it, you can actually grow food on it.

Over 20 types of plants are grown here, rotated by season. This spring’s crop includes thyme, kale, artichokes, tomatoes, chard, Thai basil, four types of mint, and Walla Walla onions. Check out the video below for a more in depth tour..

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