Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Googles Organic Employee Cafeteria

Among Google's progressive list of employee benefits is the option to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at one of their many cafes -- for free. One of the many options is Cafe 150.

In an effort to reduce Google's carbon footprint while simultaneously providing employees with the freshest of foods, global food service manager, John Dickman, came up with the innovative concepts behind Cafe 150. The "150" in the name stands for the fact that the produce and meats served up in the dishes come from no further away than 150 miles. Though the concept provides some menu challenges, it definitely cuts down on the fuel used in transporting the ingredients to the California headquarters.

Head chef, Nate Keller, keeps the menu from being anything but bland. With entrees like stir-fried, thin-sliced lamb loin or barbecued five-spice free-range Cornish game hen as well as other ingredients including ostrich and buffalo, employees flock to the eatery. There are more challenges with serving only local food including last minute menu changes due to inclement weather and choosing only from what is in season. It's a new way of thinking for a society that demands bananas and grapes year round.

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