Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get your Grill On

Now that summer is here, grills are being fired up for outdoor cooking across the country. Grilling is perceived to be a healthier form of cooking compared with other high-fat methods, such as deep-frying, but studies have shown that some grilled meats contain carcinogens, substances that may cause cancer. However, there are methods for cooking meats that can lessen exposure to these substances. Here they are:

1. Flip meat frequently when cooking to prevent HCAs from forming.
2. Raise grilling surface from the heat source to reduce the temperature and black char.
3. Cook at lower temperatures.
4. Marinate meats to decrease HCA formation up to 96 percent.
5. Pre-cook meats to limit exposure on the grill.
6. Trim fat off meat and grill leaner cuts that drip less to reduce exposure to PAHs. 
7. Spread foil on or under the grill to reduce dripping fat that causes PAHs. 
8. Grill veggie burgers, vegetables and fruits (HCAs only forms on muscle meats). Note: organ meat (liver), eggs, and tofu have little to no HCA content.
9. Skip the briquettes and their nasty contaminants. (Charcoal generates 11 pounds of CO2 and propane emits six pounds of CO2.) Go with lump charcoal.

Grab some organic wines and brew and have a great July 4th with your safer grilling techniques.

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  1. marinated organic chicken is great when grilled