Monday, December 21, 2009

Find Out Why Raisin Bran Is Not Great For You

Hey there Revolutionaries.  We want to keep spreading the word on foods that people think are good for them.  Think eating bran with raisins is a healthy alternative to syrupy processed cereals? You're right, but only if you keep the sugar out.

recent study found that commercially marketed raisin brans made with added sugar contributed to cavities in children. Sugar-coated raisins significantly raised the level of acidity in kid's mouths, but regular non-sugar raisins did not. Acid levels matter because acid bonds bacteria to teeth, and help cause plaque.
Unsugared raisins have no negative impact on dental health, though; raisins easily clear off of teeth.
So if you want your flakes with raisins, stick to a cereal with no added sugar.

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